Officially launched on Cloud, Magento 2 Commerce (formerly known as Magento Enterprise) provides the opportunity for smaller mid-market online retailers to align themselves with the same eCommerce technology that powers the worlds leading brands.

Regardless of the appealing Magento Enterprise features, the solution has long been discarded by smaller operators for it’s high annual license cost. Magento 2 Commerce cloud solution changes this by offering an affordable monthly subscription.


Fully hosted by Magento, offering the full-suite of Magento Enterprise software features and provides an advanced technology stack as shown below.

  • Fastly CDN
    A leading content delivery network, supporting Varnish cache and an impressive global network means your site can achieve lightning-speed performance around the globe.
  • New Relic
    The leading application performance monitoring solution can provide in-depth insights into what is happening “under the hood” on your eCommerce store.
  • Platform.SH
    Magento Commerce is known as a PAAS (Platform as a Service) – meaning you still have the flexibility that Magento is world renowned for by providing developers full access to source code to develop you store exactly as you want it. Platform.SH streamlines the management, deployment of source code, and offers easy solution for developers and agencies to establish development (staging) environments as needed within the build process of your Magento store, ongoing maintenance or feature releases.
  • Amazon AWS 
    By using Magento Commerce, your store is powered by advanced AWS cloud hosting infrastructure providing global availability, scalability and multi-server redundancy – which means if you’ve suffered slow performance and downtime this will soon become a thing of the past.


Beyond the impressive technology infrastructure and software features, you can also get 24/7 support for your Magento solution. If you’re a current or past user of Magento Community, you will get clear benefit on this right from the start and discard the common problems with dealing with open source software.

Global Performance

Magento Commerce is a stand-out solution if you sell in multiple countries. Magento has long been known for it’s multi-store capabilities and now being readily available on a global infrastructure; it removes many performance and global availability bottlenecks so you can efficiently operate multiple stores across the globe from a single instance of the Magento platform.

Magento Commerce Editions

Available in 2 versions,

  • Magento Commerce Starter – featuring all as described above.
  • Magento Commerce Pro – designed for higher volume stores and includes all features of Starter option with dedicated hardware, high availability with a three server set-up, dedicated account manager and inclusive subscription to Magento Business Intelligence.