Another great Magento Live AU #MLAU15 conference wraps up in Sydney – in case you missed out, here are some highlights:

  • Magento 2.0 has landed!
  • Magento 2 Trained Solution partners ready to build your Magento 2.0 store
  • Magento set to grow stronger as an independent company
  • Magento expands their product range with Commerce Order Management and Retail Commerce

Magento 2.0 has arrived

Magento Live Australia 2015 brought the official announcement of the much anticipated General Availability of Magento 2.0! This starts a new era of eCommerce innovation using  Magento, with an exciting roadmap of Magento 2.0 features to come in 2016.

Over the coming months we’ll be publishing blogs, content and hosting events to help you understand more about Magento 2.0 and how it can help your business.

As a quick summary, Magento 2.0 is a new platform and we are so excited to see years of product development deliver the most advanced, scalable and flexible eCommerce platform on the market.

A few key differences between Magento 1.x and Magento 2.0 include…

  • Revoultionised new back-end interface - optimised for touch devices with many added features, including customisable order & product grids.
  • Lightning fast with over 50% performance improvement from Magento 1.x and support for Full Page Cache (FPC) and Varnish
  • Easier upgrade paths - once you cross-over to Magento 2.0 development will become more efficient.
  • Code-Audited extensions with less conflicts -  if you've experienced installing extension into Magento 1.x and teared your hair out wondering why it doesn't work then you will welcome Magento 2.0 being the beginning of the end to extension headaches.
  • Quarterly update schedule -  Magento 2.0 brings an exciting quarterly release schedule, and with easier upgrades  you can be always be up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the Magento team.
  • Intuitive Checkout - with 90% of our Magento 1.x builds we've used a checkout extension, we welcome the improved 2-step checkout process ready-to-go with Magento 2.0
  • But wait, there's more....

New Magento Products

As the new name, Magento Commerce suggests, they are growing into more than just an eCommerce platform, but rather the world leading commerce solution company. To help fulfil this goal, Magento also showcased two of its newest product offerings, Commerce Order Management, and Retail Commerce Suite.

These two products deliver a wide range of capabilities that help Enterprise-level businesses to streamline their order management and instore retail experiences.

To learn more about these new products, and Magento 2.0 you can watch the Product Update Keynote from Magento Live from @ProductPaul

MagentoLive Australia 2015 – General Session II: Product Update from Magento on Vimeo.

Magento Commerce

Following the official split from eBay Inc. Magento is now an independent company Magento Commerce backed by Permira, one of the largest global investment firms.

From this day forward, our competition will no longer be able to hide from the power of the Magento platform. We now have a strong, independent voice. We will unleash the full power of the Magento brand. We will flex the full power of our global ecosystem to accelerate our leadership position as the world’s leading commerce platform. – Mark Lavelle, CEO – Magento Commerce.

You can learn more at

The New Magento Marketplace

After building sites in Magento 1.x for over 5 years we have used hundreds of extensions and the concept of an extension is great, it can add-on great functionality to your store for supposedly little effort.  If you run a Magento store then you would likely be all to familiar with the problems around extensions whether it be conflicting code, bugs, poor performance or extensions that simply just don’t work.

For Magento 2.0 this problem is getting solved with the new Magento Marketplace. Unlike Connect where you were taken off to the developers site to purchase the extension, with Marketplace you’ll be buying direct on the Magento website. Think of it like an Apple App Store, but for Magento. But this isn’t the exciting part…

The most exciting part about the Magento Marketplace is that Magento have dedicated team to individually audit each and every extension before it can be sold. This means that as a business owner you’ll experience less issues, which means less time and money spent repairing them and more time growing your store.

Without getting too technical, Magento 2.0 also brings a new system architecture resolving many of the key reasons for extension conflicts and issues.

Although the Magento Marketplace, much like the current Magento Connect,  will allow you to install extensions into your own store, it is always recommended to follow best development practice and use qualified Magento developers to  install on a staging site first, test, then deploy to your live site.     You can then avoid potentially bring your site down on the click of a button.

The Magento Outlook for 2016

2016 is about bringing Magento 2.0 into life and as a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner we are very much looking forward to putting the power of this exciting new platform into the hands of many Australian business owners.

Remember the quarterly update schedule I previously mentioned?    What will be in Magento 2.1?    Keep in touch and find out.