Today we hosted the second of our eCommerce education webinar series – ‘Sales Conversion & Customer Acquisition Secrets Revealed’.

During this ‘Rapid Fire’ webinar each speaker was given just 10-15 minutes to share as much of their knowledge as possible. This means that everyone skipped the ‘fluff’ and got straight to the core principles to deliver incredible value.

During This FREE 1 Hour Special Event You’ll Learn To…

  • 1: Improving Checkout Conversion Rates

    Did you know that over 70% of your shoppers abandon their purchase at checkout? By fixing this crucial part of your sales process your profits will soar.

  • 2: Boosting Average Order Value / Basket Size

    Discover effective solutions that have boosted average order value by as much as 60%.

  • 3: Grow Lifetime Customer Value

    Research has shown that its up to 17 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain and re-sell. Discover cutting edge techniques to get your existing customers buying more often.

Below you’ll find a complete replay of the webinar to help you grow your eCommerce sales as rapidly as possible.


The speakers include:

Grant Arnott- CEO & Founder of Power Retail

Grant Arnott is publisher of Power Retail. Other hats include Co-Founder of Click Frenzy, Global Head of The Media Pad, and adoptive father of a fast-growing Golden Retriever. Grant has a specialist business publishing background spanning more than a decade, and contributes regularly to a multitude of print and digital business media.

Most recently Grant won the ORIA for Industry contribution for 2015. This is a special award, nominated for free by the public, for the individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to the eCommerce industry in Australia.

Hunter Boyle – CEO & Founder of Optimization CopilotHunter-Boyle-Round

Hunter Boyle is the founder and CEO of Optimization Copilot, offering first-class strategy and training for digital marketers. He’s produced triple-digit gains since the dot-com days for clients and led campaigns with Google, HubSpot, MarketingExperiments, AWeber, Copyblogger, 1800Hotels,

Unbounce, LeadPages and many more.


Mike Doyle – Magento Country Manager Australia & New Zealand

As a Magento Enterprise Sales Manager with 8 years of B2B technology sales expertise in the eCommerce industry Mike knows what it takes to succeed in eCommerce. He has worked with hundreds of eCommerce merchants throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Mike provides a rare insight into the thought patterns of how the worlds leading eCommerce platform believes the industry is growing, and how merchants can ensure they’re on the cutting edge.


Nick Molnar – CEO & Co-Founder of AfterPay

Nick Molnar Foundered & Director one of Australia’s largest online Jewellery retailers, over 3 years ago. As a high volume eCommerce Merchant he realized that there was a serious issue with the payment solutions on the market – So set out to launch AfterPay.

AfterPay provides merchants with the ability to offer interest-free payments with zero risk. It increases average order value, checkout conversions, lifetime customer value and guarantees your immediate payment with no fraud.



If you’d like to discuss how you can improve your eCommerce sales, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help with high quality Magento development, seo and even digital strategy consulting.