In the world of digital marketing there are 2 heavy hitters that have controlled the majority of advertising budgets for the last decade. However as the new age of digital marketing emerges, the question needs to be asked, is SEO or PPC the best fit for you and your business?


What is SEO?

For the purpose of this blog, SEO is anything that helps your website rank organically in the search results. It could be technical on-page SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing, or any other form of link building & social triggers.


What is PPC?

PPC marketing is Pay-Per-Click marketing. That is, any form of marketing where you pay for every click that you get. It gives you instant results with a very high level of transparency and the ability to track exactly how much each sale cost you to get.


So which one is best?

The whole argument that one is better than the other is rubbish. On one side of the fence you have SEO’s who claim that you can get far more traffic with SEO than you’ll ever be able to afford with PPC.

And on the other side there are the Adwords specialists who make a convincing argument that a well optimized campaign allows you to scale your adwords budget quickly and accurately to achieve rapid growth.


The Answer Is In Your Strategy

Ultimately both methods are essential for a well rounded strategy, however if you were in the position to choose only 1, then the answer lies in your strategy.

As we often tell SEO clients, it takes 6-12 months to see a strong return from your SEO dollars. However once the return starts flowing it forms the foundation of a highly authoritative online strategy.

For this reason, if you’re in the start-up phase of your business then I recommend that either you manage your SEO yourself, or focus on another form of marketing to generate revenue.

This then leaves PPC with 2 rolls. Roll 1 is to increase market share where you have a strong back end. And roll 2 is to help new businesses launch to market and start making an impact quickly.

For long term growth we recommend starting both a SEO agency & PPC Management when  you launch your business, so that you have a nice balance of immediate cash flow and long term growth.

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