‘I do adwords myself – Why would I bother hiring an agency? All they do is check the campaigns anyway’.

This along with ‘Does SEO still work?’, are the two most common questions that I get on a daily basis when talking to prospects.

These sort of beliefs and questions are severely limiting your growth, and because I’m all about businesses growing as fast as possible, below you’ll discover the 3 reasons why you should hire a professional Adwords manager, as well as the 15 things you can expect from a top notch Adwords manager.

3 Compelling Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Adwords Manager:

    1. Your ROI will be incredible – For example campaigns we’ve taken over we’ve boosted conversions by over 500% while dropping monthly spend substantially.
    2. Your campaign will be at the cutting edge – Google releases new features nearly every month to help you increase your results. By working with a professional your account will always be up to date.
    3. You can focus on your business- By bringing in the skills of a professional you can focus your time and efforts on running and growing your business, rather than spending all day in front of your Adwords account.



Now before you run out and hire the first Adwords Management Company that you come across, you must understand…

Not All Digital Agencies Are Created Equal

Just as every restaurant specialises in a different type of cuisine, you’ll find that every digital agency will specialise in a different field of business or marketing. Some just service chiropractors, others just trade businesses. For us here at Online Visions we specialise in helping eCommerce businesses, specifically those on Magento grow at unprecedented rates.

This means that every member of our marketing team understands what it takes for eCommerce businesses to succeed, because it requires a very unique approach to Adwords.

The second thing that you need to check when hiring a digital agency is the quality of their staff and work. To make this easier Google has a partnership program of only the highest quality agencies that have passed its stringent conditions.

PartnerBadge-Horizontal-200x75All partners require their staff to have undergone extensive training direct with Google and to pass difficult exams to become Google Certified. This is why you should always look for the Partners logo to the right when choosing an agency to work with.


While on this note – All staff who work on our clients Adwords campaigns are certified in Google Adwords & we have proudly been a Google Partner agency for over 4 years (Click the logo to go to our profile on Google).

Now that you understand what to look for when choosing an Adwords Management company, as well why you should get professional help, let’s dive into what you can expect from your investment.

The 15 Things That We Do For Your Campaign On A Monthly Basis (And all other quality agencies should be doing too!)


  1. Reviewing and tweak campaigns bi-weekly (Monday and Friday work best)
  2. Removing keywords that don’t return a strong ROI
  3. Implementing new features & extensions into ads to boost ROI
  4. Split testing ad copy to increase CTR
  5. Lowering Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) through boosted quality score & advanced targetting
  6. Managing Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns – These dramatically increase your ROI overall however do require a shopping feed.
  7. Testing new keyword groups to extend the scale & profit from the campaign
  8. Suggesting budget changes where necessary to boost profitable sales
  9. Creating custom & shared budgets to keep high traffic campaigns from draining funds from high ROI campaigns
  10. Adjusting bid strategies by looking at Avg CPC amounts to lower CPA while keeping volume high
  11. Creating detailed negative keyword lists on both account, campaign & adgroup level
  12. Tweaking remarketing audiences to provide more useful data & accurate target segments
  13. Creating new ad groups & campaigns where needed for ‘best seller’s’, ‘sales’ and other key segments that are highly profitable.
  14. Updating ad copy & extensions to reflect monthly promotions
  15. And Providing you with a detailed report each month of what worked, what didn’t, and how we’re going to continue growing your sales & conversions.

Still not quite convinced that you need to work with manager then get in touch and we’ll happily run an audit on your account.