If you’d like to stop chasing sales, but rather attract customers and increase your exposure, then content marketing is for you. By producing top quality content you’ll gain exposure from the media as well as the search engines. Plus with the right strategy, your leads will come to you hotter than ever.

What is Content Marketing?

In the world of constant noise and over 3,000 marketing messages a day, if you want people to pay attention to you, then you need to earn their attention – and content marketing does just that.

By creating and publishing high quality content your business is instantly positioned as a leader in your field, and your customers start listening to your messages.

Content marketing typically includes quality blog posts, news articles, infographics, downloadable guides, give aways, and videos. However, in the ever changing web environment it can also include slide show presentations, podcasts, digital magazines, and many more depending on your business needs.

Online Visions Approach To Content Marketing:

We believe that content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign, which is why its an essential pillar in all our campaigns.

You’ll get the best quality content available – we understand that your business reputation is important, which is why we employ a team of professional copywriters, graphic designers and editors to ensure you get the best content possible.

We hit every angle – so we’ll create you infographics, blog posts, news articles, slideshare, videos, podcasts, media sites and everything in between to ensure you get the maximum returns.

Every piece of content has a purpose – unlike many agencies, every piece of content that you’ll receive has a specific purpose and drives your customers towards a specific goal. Whether its downloading a report, encouraging a share or getting a sale, your content will generate results.

It helps your organic rankings – content is the foundation of a modern SEO strategy and Google has said that fresh, relevant and highly engaging content will rank well. Plus if you’re content is of high enough quality, you’ll even have other websites link in naturally, which is the secret of unstoppable SEO.


Case Study

Complete Plumbing Content Marketing

The Problem

The plumbing market is a very competitive industry, and the client already had fantastic rankings, however we wanted to push further and deliver them even more traffic than was available organically.

The Solution

So in order to increase their traffic further we commenced a Content Marketing strategy to help reach their ideal customers while in the research phase. One of the centre-pieces of this campaign was an infographic about what to do before calling a plumbing. Through various distribution methods this infographic generated 124% more traffic than they already received on a monthly basis. Plus it helped with an average increase in rankings of 6 spots across the 52 tracked keywords for that month.

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