Optimise Your Google AdWords / PPC Advertising Campaigns

How can you get better results from your Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is by far the most powerful, scalable and transparent advertising medium the world has ever seen. Yes it’s a big claim, but here’s why we make it.

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay to get your ad run regardless of the result, with Pay Per Click advertising you only pay when someone actually clicks and takes action on your ads.

It gives you transparency to know exactly how many people have come to you, and from which ads, and how much they each cost, giving you the data you need to make profitable business decisions.

Why Visions’ Approach Is Different.

If you’ve been in business for a while then chances are you’ve already tried Google Adwords. And chances are even if you’ve had it ‘professionally’ managed you’ve had very poor results. But don’t worry, its not your fault and you’re not alone.

Every week we speak with clients who have previously poured money down the drain with Adwords, but once they see the Visions Difference, their results speak for themselves as you’ll discover in a moment.

But first, here is why Online Visions Adwords Management will be your most profitable investment yet…

We put your profits above traffic – Unlike many agencies who pride themselves on how many clicks you can get, we understand that clicks don’t pay the bills, profits do. That’s why we tirelessly manage and optimize your campaign to ensures its as profitable as possible.

We find your point of difference – And we share it with the market, providing you with more clicks for less money, and ultimately greater profitability.

We position you above your market – Why be another ‘me too’ business, when you can become the industry leader? We work with you to position your business as the go-to authority in your marketplace so you’re the only logical choice for customers to choose.

We look at the whole picture – You can have the best ads in the world, but if your landing page doesn’t convert, or if your USP isn’t clear, then you simply won’t see any results. That’s why our Conversion Rate Optimisation specialists will work on your campaign to maximise the leads from your traffic.

We’re proud Google Partners & have been personally trained by Google – With Google themselves recognising us as leaders in the industry, and having sourced training direct from them, our team is the best around.

The PPC Services That We Provide:

Google Adwords:

We can put your business and your message in front of potential customers when they are searching in Google. This increased visibility at the customers ‘action phase’ of the buying cycle leads to far higher conversions than traditional marketing.

Our team of Google trained and certified professionals will help identify your target market, where they live, and the types of keywords that they are looking for. We’ll then develop and optimise landing pages on your website with useful content and identify the relevant call to action.

Facebook PPC:

Facebook advertising allows you to target your ideal customer with more detail than ever before. Its a great solution for businesses who have a very specific target market who aren’t actively looking for your product. And it can be a very profitable medium to help launch new products or services.

Bing PPC:

Bing PPC is often overlooked in Australia because of its ‘small’ market share. However when integrated with a Google Adwords campaign, Bing PPC has some significant benefits. Bing is widely used among 50-70 year olds, and its click costs are significantly lower than Google’s. This means that if you’re targeting affluent baby boomers, or have been priced out of Google, then Bing might be for you.

Display Advertising:

Do you need to build brand awareness or scale your advertising efforts? Our display advertising campaigns can give you the largest digital reach possible with access to billions of impressions every month in text, graphic or video based advertisements. Our team will sit down and carefully identify the best websites for you to advertise on in order to reach your key clientele.


Remarketing campaigns can be one of the most profitable and easiest ways to grow your business. They exclusively market to users who have already visited your site, and can be set to show specific messages based on the action the user took.

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