Mobile Optimisation Initiative - Closing the Mobile Revenue Gap

In a collaboration with PayPal, Magento, HiConversion, the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative was established to uncover solutions to close the gap between mobile and desktop conversions.

This initiative aims to give participating partners and merchants an open network where they can share and learn from each other’s successes and challenges.



What is the Mobile Optimisation Initiative?

A collaboration and experimentation platform supported by Magento, PayPal and HiConversion designed to understand why the gap in mobile and desktop conversions persists in order to help eCommerce providers succeed in mobile sales.

The Mobile Optimisation Initiative is free to participate and eligible to merchants on the Magento platform (Magento 1 or 2) that have an annual turnover of $5m+.

As a participating merchant, you will have the option to choose from a large range of customised checkout optimisation experiments designed to drive an increase in conversions on your mobile site.

By participating in the Mobile Optimisation Initiative you also have the opportunity to gain shared insights into experiments and results from similar merchants participating in the program.

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Mobile UX Audit

Offered by Online Visions, a Mobile UX Audit can identify key usability and performance issues that are impacting your checkout conversion rates on mobile and provide recommendations and clear points of action for improvement. 

If you are not eligible for the Mobile Optimisation Initiative, we can still work with you to improve the mobile experience and conversion rates of your eCommerce website.

The Mobile UX Audit is a great place to start.

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