Are You Optimised For ClickFrenzy Buyer Traffic?

Are You Optimised For ClickFrenzy Buyer Traffic?

As ClickFrenzy (which started in 2012) grows in popularity, the necessity for online merchants to optimise their website conversion rate and capitalise on this buyer traffic is growing.

Running for 29 hours starting from 7pm AEST on the 2nd Tuesday in November, ClickFrenzy claims to generate more traffic to merchant websites than Cyber Monday.

When browsing through some of the participating merchant sites it was obvious to see which vendors put in the effort to make the most of this event and those that didn’t.

Merchant websites made customisations ranging from:

  • Little to no mention of Click Frenzy
  • Generic banner from Click Frenzy
  • Custom banner with discount coupon code
  • Custom page with specific promotion offer/s

It was interesting to take note of the size of the merchant, which platform their eCommerce site is built on, and the level of customisations they made. It wasn’t always the larger merchants that had the most appealing offers and customisations.

Some sites included standard ClickFrenzy banners such as:

A large number of sites used their own imagery with varied fonts and colours offering a storewide discount between 10% – 70%:

Some sites included a special discount code relevant to the ClickFrenzy promotion:

Some sites included specific offers with unique discount codes:

Some sites were completely customised for the promotion. Special mention to 2XU who put in considerable effort adding product level customisations to their store:

They even created a special promotion of their own to combine with the event

Overall the sites that stood out the most were those that indicated involvement with the ClickFrenzy sale, clearly specified the discount offer, and included a descriptor of some sort on checkout with the dollar value savings.

Australians love their discounts and have high impulse purchase tendencies. By putting in the effort to think about your audience and the nature of this sale, you’ll definitely come out on top over your competition and capitalise on the growing audience of ClickFrenzy shoppers.

As quoted from Grant Arnott, Co-Founder of ClickFrenzy

“Every year, participating retailers in Click Frenzy get more creative with how they utilise the highly valued trademark. It’s a proven conversion driver. Click Frenzy is synonymous with exceptional online deals from quality retail brands, and it really does send shoppers into a frenzy. We encourage our registered retailers who are licensed to use the brand to go all out to maximise that connection in the shoppers’ mind that “great deals live here”. There’s still room for improvement with many retailers, but the executions continue to improve overall.”

For future ClickFrenzy sales, we would recommend the following:

  • Plan your campaign so you have time to create custom graphics and site modifications.
  • Decide whether to offer a storewide discount or specific product promotion.
  • Think about the best discount you can make without cannibalizing your RPV. It needs to be either an offer specific to online customers or a discount better than your everyday in-store promo.
  • Clearly indicate the normal price and sale price on your product description pages.
  • Leverage the ClickFrenzy name and logo in your advertising and marketing.

The sites that stood out the most included a few specific customisations. For extra bonus points, consider adding these elements:

  • Include a countdown timer that matches ClickFrenzy countdown to midnight.
  • Include a “You Save $XX.xx” descriptor underneath the product price.
  • Display relevant ClickFrenzy involvement either in the top of page banner, product description, cart page, or checkout page
  • Include Free Shipping.
  • Include custom graphics with the ClickFrenzy name or logo.

Now you have an idea of what various vendors have done to optimise their site for ClickFrenzy and a few suggestions on how you can make the most of this growing opportunity.