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Designing for eCommerce requires a deep understanding of eCommerce functionality, implementation, user experience target audiences, customer journey, conversion funnels, that's why you should work with an eCommerce specialist

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Our 20+ years experience in eCommerce and website implementation drives us to create an eCommerce design that is unique, conversion-driven and tailored to your eCommerce platform.

We simplify implementation by providing a design prototype complete with developer specifications making it easy for any developer to follow.

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User Centric

Successful eCommerce design requires an understanding of customer personas and existing onsite behaviour. We aim to create a design that not only uniquely represents your brand and is easy to use, relevant and personalised to your audience. With most eCommerce platforms design can be varied according to the customer group.

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Mobile First

For most eCommerce sites mobile attributes to over 65% of traffic but on average converts 40% less than desktop. A mobile-first approach ensures that mobile functionallity doesn't take a back seat in the design process and we utilise proven eCommerce conversion principles to ensure your website has an optimal customer experience on all devices.

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Data Driven

Most web design is based on personal opinion, best practices and generally what people think looks nice. Our approach to website redesign is to first review all data touch points; understand the target audience and where the existing design is failing. This fuels our user-centric design approach and helps to define KPIs for the new website launch.

We are a UX User Experience Driven Agency

"The design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
The design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs
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User Experience

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User Experience

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What people are asking about UX Web Design

What is user experience (UX) and why is it important?

The user experience (UX) is about the end user’s interaction with a company, its services and products. For eCommerce businesses, this is namely a user’s experience on your website. It includes their perceptions of usefulness, usability, and efficiency – how easy and fast was it for your customer to find a product, learn about the product and buy the product? Optimising that process and establishing the best user experience on your eCommerce website is critical for increasing your conversion rates.  

An eCommerce website UX design agency should tackle UX with a conversion-driven approach that involves analysing customer interactions on your website. This analysis provides data-driven insights that can be used to complement the more traditional creative facet of website design. Supported further with insights into onsite user behaviour, the creation of customer personas with competitive analysis, expert knowledge of industry trends and best-practice usability standards, the best UX designers can help you to create a highly relevant and personalised customer experience – unique to your brand.

Contact leading Brisbane user experience website design agency, Online Visions, and let our experts show you how to increase the conversion rates of your eCommerce web design.

What is customer experience (CX)? How is it different from UX?

Customer experience (CX) is a much broader term than UX, encompassing all online and offline touchpoints of the buyer's journey. CX refers to how a customer perceives all of the interactions with a brand, compared with UX which focuses on the usability of a single product – i.e. your website.  

CX designers focus on a general audience, whereas UX designers focus on the individual using the product. Both UX and CX play an important role in ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

Contact Online Visions to see how we can ensure you deliver the best user experience, at any time and on any device.

What is a user experience agency?

A user experience agency (UX agency) specialises in helping businesses improve customers’ impressions or perceptions of their brand. It encompasses all aspects of the buyer’s journey - from navigating their website to purchasing products, interactions with brand representatives, and customers’ impressions of their overall service and/or product.  

An eCommerce website UX design agency will deliver a strategy to identify and plan every step of the customer experience journey – helping you to increase brand loyalty, grow brand awareness and build an army of brand advocates.

Talk to a user experience agency and discover how a customer experience strategy can optimise your eCommerce website.

What’s the difference between eCommerce website design and UX design?

An eCommerce website design solves a client problem – How can I sell my goods online? Whereas the UX design is about solving problems for the client’s users – How easily can I buy this item?

A truly effective eCommerce website is not successful because of how it looks visually, but of how it works practically – this comes down to having an informed UX design.

In contrast to website design that can be an annual occurrence, UX design is an iterative process that continually seeks to improve the buyer journey through the website and to get them to convert at checkout through Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tactics.

To learn more about how CRO can improve your customer experience, talk to leading Brisbane UX website design agency, Online Visions, today for a no-obligation chat.

What does “mobile first” mean?

The term “mobile first” refers to a UX web design that started at the mobile device end, as opposed to trying to shoehorn a desktop design onto mobile. As mobile and tablet usage now exceeds desktop, eCommerce businesses need to ensure the website UX is optimised for mobile users, first.

Starting your eCommerce website design in the format that presents the greatest size and functionality challenges will help you to prioritise the most important elements needed for the base of your website. Additional functionality can then be easily added to the larger desktop interface.  

The best UX web designs embrace the mobile-first design philosophy, aiming to deliver a stronger, seamless, user experience.

Talk to the Brisbane UX website design agency, Online Visions, and see how we can help you to optimise the mobile experience of your eCommerce website.

Can you improve my existing website design? Or do I have to start from scratch?

Yes, it is possible to improve the UX design of an existing website, however it may end up costing more money and time to deliver updates and work-arounds on an existing architecture as opposed to starting fresh.

A business must decide whether the cost of rebuilding is less than simply redesigning. This decision should be informed by an analysis of your user data – using those insights to map out a path towards a better UX and higher conversion rates.

If you decide to rebuild your website, engage with an eCommerce consultant or UX agency to help guide you towards a future-proofed and UX-optimised design. Insist on an interactive process for design approvals – don’t rely on static Photoshop files. You must be able to experience it for yourself.Ask your agency if they offer a UX wireframes and prototyping process. This would give you the opportunity to experience your new website as a user would, so you can provide feedback on the responsive design before implementing it.  

Online Visions can help you use your past experience to build a more profitable and informed future with your online eCommerce solution.

How does Online Visions approach UX design?

Establishing the best user experience on your eCommerce website is critical for increasing conversion rates. We take a conversion-driven approach to UX that involves analysing how well your customer interacts with your website, finds the products they want and buys them – and then we optimise that experience.  

We use a UX prototyping process to help you understand the user experience and interactions of your website design. As opposed to static Photoshop images where you have to imagine the experience, Online Visions builds your design in an environment that you can click into and experience for yourself. Use your experience to provide comprehensive feedback on the responsive design concept before implementation into your eCommerce web design.

UX isn’t a single task that is performed once then ticked off of your list. To get the most value from your UX design, Online Visions performs regular analysis of your eCommerce website, gathering data to inform personalisation and your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) strategy to customise the user experience to specific customer groups and segments. We strive to drive more conversions by increasing the relevancy of your customers' experience.

At Online Visions we are committed to delivering engaging, meaningful, customer experiences on all devices. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

What is User Interface (UI) design? How does it differ from UX design?

The roles of UX designer and User Interface (UI) designer are complementary and absolutely essential to deliver a great customer experience on your eCommerce website. A UI designer focuses on how specific elements in your eCommerce website – the things you touch, click or interact with – are visually laid out and used, ensuring the website is easily navigable.

A UX designer focuses on the end-to-end experience of your website design – how those elements feel as a whole product and how usable the website is. They strive to ensure the user’s experience – from page load times to mobile responsiveness – is seamless.

If you’re not sure what services you need, contact a user experience agency with a proven track record of working on UX/UI design projects.

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