Is Your Website Optimised For The $18.3+ Billion Being Spent In Australia This Holiday Season?

Is Your Website Optimised For The $18.3+ Billion Being Spent In Australia This Holiday Season?

If you’re an online retailer, then no doubt you are gearing up for this upcoming holiday season already.

With the Australian Retailers Association and Roy Morgan having forecasted consumer spend over the Christmas holiday in 2018 to increase by 3.1% to $18.3 billion, you can imagine this year will be even bigger.

We instinctively know that Australians love a good bargain, but how does that translate when it comes to online shopping?

The PayPal mCommerce Index: Trends Report 2019 reveals that seven-in-ten Australian consumers (68%) are always on the lookout for sales, and well over half of Australians (58%) have bought a product on impulse precisely because it was on sale.

Source: PayPal mCommerce Index Trends Report

The scales are also shifting away from bricks and mortar with most Australians (57%) now preferring to shop the sales online rather than in-store.

Source: PayPal mCommerce Index Trends Report

You would be surprised to find out that the majority percentage of online shopping stores don’t convert even nearly as well as they could, especially on mobile.

In partnership with HiConversion optimisation software, we are offering the opportunity to get involved in the Mobile Optimisation initiative – a unique program that allows us to benchmark your website data against over 216 participating merchants to define exactly where your website is not performing as well as it could be.

Based on the data from over 7.7 million transactions, we select from proven conversion optimisation tests that return an average increase in revenue per visitor of 8.12%.

Holiday season shopping gives you the most opportunity to cash in on sales from your eCommerce store.

Right now you can gain access to over 120+ optimisation experiments and a special subset of tests designed to improve your holiday season revenue.

Get Your Hands On The Suite of 2019 Holiday
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Sample Holiday Experiment

+4.69% Mobile RPV

+7.34% Desktop RPV

Online Visions is your agency partner primed to position you for fantastic revenue boosts during the holiday season. With over 18 years experience developing, maintaining, and customising eCommerce sites for some of the biggest online retailers in Australia, you’re in good hands.

The best part is that these optimisation tests work with the many various shopping cart solutions such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and of course Magento.

Jump on-board now before your annual code freeze and start optimising your online store for the holiday season!

You’ll get all the details you need to see if you qualify for site optimisation experiments under the new MOI initiative.

To find out more about the initiative, visit the website here →

As your local partner agency, we can help you get started and on your way to higher conversions and more revenue.