Let’s face it, mobile traffic is letting you down. On average, mobile traffic attributes for over 64% of site traffic, yet converts at a rate 40% lower than desktop.

This is the Mobile Revenue Gap – the unrealised revenue from mobile shoppers who generate less revenue per visit (RPV) than desktop shoppers.

This is actually quite a big deal! So much so that some of the biggest names in the industry including Paypal, Magento, and HiConversion have come together and formed a community to solve this dilemma.

With the support of Paypal, the user base of Magento, and the optimisation software of HiConversion, we can now run multivariate tests on hundreds of eCommerce websites to collect data and optimise conversion rates on a global scale.

We are proud to be one of the particpating partner agencies around the world offering this truly turnkey solution for eCommerce store owners looking to improve conversion rates and generate more online sales.

The Mobile Revenue Gap – Paypal.com

It’s called the MOI – Mobile Optimisation Initiative.

Leverage the power of a community to solve the Mcommerce gap


Participating Merchants


Over $675 Million revenue tracked


Average Improvement in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)


Business value of implementing optimisations (based on merchants $10m+)

How Does it Work?

Getting started is easy by having a HiConversion tracking code installed on your website.  This allows us to gather key metrics to compare your website performance against industry benchmarks from the data collated from partipating merchants globally.

Using these insights we establish recommended A/B or multivariate tests that focus on improving revenue per visit (RPV), cart rate, conversion rate and average order value (AOV).

Once set up, small segments your traffic are diverted to the “test variations” to see how customers react.

From there, we’ll analyze the data and present you fornightly insights on how the tests are performing until the winning formula is found.

What Kinds of Tests?

Test changes can be as simple as making your cart icon bigger or collapsing the coupon code box on your checkout form.

While intuition might tell you these tests may have negligible effects, the data shows these tiny tweaks can increase RPV up to 25%.

In fact, included in HiConversion is a globally attributed library of over 120+ tests that have been proven to increase conversion across many different eCommerce stores, enabling us to also test more advanced features such as exit-intent pop-ups, zip auto-fill, Paypal payment injection and more.

The results will amaze you.

Here are a few examples of top-performing tests, but don’t run out and make these to your site!  Tests can return negative results in some cases.  Join the initative first and we’ll help you find the winning formula for your website.

Reduce Page Clutter

Breadcrumbs can cause a distraction at the top of the PDP


When examining the buyers journey redundancy may hinder results

Mobile Lift

The Average lift on mobile is:
+16.28% RPV and +22.11% CR

Desktop Lift

The Average Desktop Lift Is:
+9.22% RPV and +11.68% AOV

Post Code Auto Fill

Reduce the risk of typos and errors by prefilling where possible


Reduce The Opportunites For User Error

Mobile Lift

The Average lift on mobile is:
+5.71% RPV and +4.46% CR

Desktop Lift

The Average Desktop Lift Is:
+5.69% RPV and +3.05% AOV

Reduce Checkout Clutter

Many Shoppers Do Not Have A Gift Card Or Coupon To Redeem.
Hide The Field But Leave The Option.

Remove Temptation

Reduce Or Remove The Temptation To Find A Coupon

Mobile Lift

The Average lift on mobile is:
+4.80% RPV and +2.70% CR

Desktop Lift

The Average Desktop Lift Is:
+3.41% RPV and +2.68% AOV

What makes MOI so special?

So far, over 216 Merchants have been involved in the Mobile Optimisation Initiative, with an average 8.6% revenue per visitor (RPV) lift, and over 22 Million dollars in additional revenue earned for participants.

Unlike trying to do your own A/B testing or services offered by a conversion rate optimsation agency, when you contact Online Visions, we will be able to compare your own website data against global industry averages to diagnose inefficiencies in your checkout process, add to cart rate, product display pages and overall user experience to narrow down the optimal suite of tests to convert more customers.

How much does it cost?

Costs for the MOI vary depending on your traffic volume, a free-trial period is available for qualifying merchants – please get in touch to find how your website can qualify.

Forrester was recently commissioned to conduct a report on the Total Economic Impact of the Mobile Optimisation Initiative.   

This report analysed the ROI on eCommerce merchants can gain by joining the MOI .

What does Forrester have to say?

Through merchant interviews and data aggregation, Forrester consulting found that the Mobile Optimisation Initiative has the follow 3-year impact:


Return on Investment


Net Present Value


to see payback

To find out more about the initiative, visit the website here → https://mobop.org/onvisli3

As your local partner agency, we can help you get started and on your way to higher conversions and more revenue.

Will You Be Next To Join The Initiative?

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