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Online Visions is a Magento Solution Partner with offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

Offering 10 years Magento B2C & B2B development expertise, our team is trusted by Australia’s leading brands.

  • Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Magento 1 to 2 Migrations
  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Project Help

  • ERP / System Integrations
  • Magento Platform Audits
  • Magento Support Packages
  • Magento Training

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200+ Customers serviced over 17 years in Digital Commerce


Magento Development Services

Online Visions specialises in the challenge of Magento development and successfully achieves what other agencies and developers can’t.   We save projects from failure, fix bugs, performance issues, apply complex customisations, upgrades, maintenance, system integrations.   Here are a few ways we can help you with Magento:

With official support for the original Magento 1 platform due to be discontinued, now is the time to plan your move to Magento 2.   Experience new eCommerce horizons with greater scalability, performance and features to help you grow your store further.

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Fix A Magento Problem

Sometimes a non-Magento web developer will get it wrong, a DIY installation fails, or you just can’t get something working in Magento. As experienced Magento developers, Online Visions can refine or rebuild your online store for maximum stability and long-term reliability.

Mobile Optimisation / Responsive Design

Optimising your store for mobile has never been more important with an average of over 60% of website traffic, and 80% of online purchases use more than 1 device throughout their buying decision. We can help you to implement a responsive design that will look great on any device.

Improve Product Search

Great onsite search is critical to conversion rates - but out of the box Magento product search is awful!  We can help you make it easier for customers to buy using predictive search, spell corrections, search suggestions and more.     We have experience with Solr, Sphinx, Elastic Search, Algolia and know how to architect a Magento site for great search performance.

Multi-Store Set-Up

The multi-store functionality is one of Magento's greatest assets, you can utilise it to launch into new countries,  use if for a completely separate website / brand,  establish a wholesale login, run private sales  - all without any need to duplicate your Magento installation.

Improve User Experience & Store Performance

We can help you improve your Magento store from a customer experience and operational level.     Increase your sales through improving page speed, fixing annoying bugs, implementing a new feature, A/B testing for improved conversion rates + more.

Magento Upgrades & Maintenance

We can help bring your Magento install up-to-date and maintain it with the latest security patches and updates.

Magento Support

Just want a reliable Magento developer to call on when you need help?   Our Magento support packages can provide just that, and help you with store maintenance & improvements too.

Why Choose Us as your Magento development partner?

Established 17 years, and an experienced Magento Solution Partner agency.   We have worked with the Magento platform since 2009.

Our development team is lead by a Magento Certified Solution Specialist - a Magento developer without a solution consultant is like a driving a car in a strange country with no GPS.

We can provide support & training to run your store more efficiently.

We work with diverse range of clients across multiple industries, including leading retailers, online boutiques, multinational companies and wholesalers.

We are Australian, you can pick up the phone and talk to us.

We work across eCommerce & Digital strategy, UX design and digital marketing - we can help you increase your sales.

90 Day Guarantee - if we make a mistake we'll fix it free of charge.

We can help with consultancy on existing / outsourced Magento projects to achieve better outcomes.

We can help with third party system integrations, extension development, design / theming, bug fixes and more.


We can help you integrate your Magento store with any number of third-party platforms for
payments, shipping, ERP, order fulfilment, marketplaces, digital marketing and more.