The One Experiment That Produced a +41.36% Lift in Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

The One Experiment That Produced a +41.36% Lift in Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

We couldn’t believe it ourselves! Realistic results for any particular experiment are single digit increases which in itself is a great result, but this just blew us and our client away.

Initially we were skeptical, so we waited. 500 conversions in and we still thought this test needed more time and more data. We were expecting to see the conversion rate drop dramatically to something more realistic. After 1100 conversions/sales we drew the obvious conclusion… Winner!

One Test Experiment —– +41.36% CR Lift

Can Simple Tests Make A Big Difference?

Absolutely! It pays to get started testing small variations on your eCommerce store and measure what adds up into BIG wins. At Online Visions, we primarily work with a software called HiConversion. This is similar to VWO or Optimizely but allows us to offer a more flexible managed solution. In partnership with HiConversion, this solution is perfect for mid to high level merchants looking to increase revenue and conversion on their eCommerce store. As you can see, our results speak for themselves.

If your eCommerce store generates at least 70,000 visits per month and you want to generate more revenue through conversion rate optimisation, then talk to us about getting started with your CRO Audit.

What Was The Successful Experiment?

It’s not complicated. This experiment involved adding payment option icons to the checkout screen as you can see in the example below.

What’s even better through multivariate testing and what HiConversion call “ensembles”, we were able to combine this test with others resulting in a winning combination that boosted overall conversion rate to +47.50%.

**Disclaimer: While this experiment proved to be successful for this merchant, it actually failed for another. We always recommend running these experiments individually for each merchant as the user experience and audience differs producing different results.

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