Weird Valentines Day Searches

The Weirdest Searches This Valentine’s, And The Valuable Lesson We Can Learn From It.


bad valentines gift

Sometimes even the smoothest need a little help from Google

Valentine’s day, the one day of the year when flowers are over priced, chocolates are everywhere and that no man wants to screw things up.

On the surface it looks like we all tow the line and think the same things – but hidden beneath

the rosy exterior Valentine’s day causes countless issues for many in society.

So to find out what people truly think and confide with Google about, we did some digging, and the results made for an interesting story.

Plus if you’re an eCommerce business owner, there is a very powerful lesson we can all learn from this which I’ll share with you at the end of the article. This lesson is so powerful that it will transform the way you look at seasonal and holiday sales from now on.

But before I get into that, let me share with you the weirdest searches from this Valentine’s Day (Trust me, it’s relevant!)…


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top 25

25 Best Magento Extensions

Best Magento Extensions

25 Best Magento Extensions…

Did you know that there are over 10,000 Magento Extensions available for your store! But before you get too excited you should know not all are created equally.

Some of the extensions are poorly coded and will cause you and your Magento developer endless headaches. From security risks to overriding existing extensions, right through to slowing down or even crashing your entire site – dealing with bad extensions will cause you endless headaches. Magento connect provides some what of a solution to this issue, however the only way to know if an extension is stable is through trial and error.

So to help you out, below is the list of the extensions we’ve been recommending to our clients for the past 7 years. Some are free, some require a small investment, but if you’re intelligent enough to go down the extension road, then these are your top picks.

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top 10 ecommerce mistakes 3

Top 10 Ecommerce Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Top 10 Ecommerce mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful

( Hint: you’re probably doing #6 right now-I know I did!)


Ecommerce is a dog eat dog world.

If you get it right, then you’re on the fast track to a 7-figure business.

But if you get it wrong, then you can watch your hard earned money disappear quicker than ice on a 39 degree hot summers day in Brisbane.

Having built 3 ecommerce businesses myself, and personally consulted for over 100 businesses in 14 countries, I see the same mistakes happen again and again.

So to help you out and ensure you succeed in your business and possibly avoid these mistakes yourself, below I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the biggest and most common mistakes that 90% of ecommerce businesses make.

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The Next Step

Ecommerce News Volume 2:

Ecommerce News Volume 2:


Magento Retains leadership, GST Close for online sales, & 5 critical trends for eCommerce businesses in 2015.


Competitors coming and going, but Magento is retaining leadership

Ecommerce technology has boomed over the last 3 years with dozens of VC funded start-ups hitting the market trying to take their slice.

But according to the annual ecommerce survey, Magento is still retaining its dominant leadership.

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