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Should You Hire A Professional Adwords Manager?

‘I do adwords myself - Why would I bother hiring an agency? All they do is check the campaigns anyway’. This along with ‘Does SEO still work?’, are the two most common questions that I get on a daily…

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Shopify vs Magento – Which is right for you?

As the eCommerce market matures with two clear platform leaders, the question needs to be asked: has Shopify grown into a full blown competitor to Magento? And if so, how do the two stack up?

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The Benefits Of Advanced Onsite Search

A customer comes to your website, they know exactly what they're looking for so they use your search bar. What happens next? In a minute I’ll explain the 2 scenarios that will follow and how choosing…

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30 Magento Enterprise Features you may not know about

As a Magento consultant I often get asked what is the difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions, and if Magento Enterprise is really worth the cost. So I have put…

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How to Write Meta Titles and Descriptions

Every week we get phone calls from our clients on what to write in the Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords fields. So in case you have the same questions and to save you time we've put…

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