What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design is a rapidly growing trend in modern web development. It’s built on the principle that your website should work on any screen size, whether your visitors using a huge desktop monitor or a tiny mobile phone. Even if you simply resize a window, the website should immediately readjust and rearrange itself – seamlessly adapting to its new working space.

Here are samples of responsive web design and its benefits:

Responsive Website for Hand Up Australia


This effectively replaces the idea of redirecting phone-surfing visitors to a special “mobile version”. Not only are these scaled-back versions usually very plain; they often omit important features, often including the ability to zoom, copy or paste. Worse still, they’re often unnecessary, as most smartphones can easily view conventional websites, even if it means a lot of zooming in.

With a responsive theme, however, visitors can rest assured it’s the same website with the same information.

Responsive Website for Character Parties

Want your website to be easily viewed by all visitors on all devices? We have a mobile design service. Simply give us a call.

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